Описание испытательной процедуры

Дорогой пользователь,

after creating your account, you are getting 60 days free trial for the most comprehensive paid package (SuperVisor Pack) for all units assigned to your account. During this period you can test it's all advantages , and then you can make a decision, how to customize a final design of your account.

Please read through the benefits of Extra Pack and SuperVisor Pack, compare it with your needs. If you are still willing to use Basic Pack (free of charge), your account will be automatically downgraded to Basic Pack after trial expiration.

Обратите внимание: После даунгрейда вашего счета:

  • all excessive data, which are related to paid services only, and incurred during the trial period will be permanently deleted (history of temperatures, commands, alerts, etc). Applicable data will be preserved and ready to use.
  • Basic Package is limited to max 9 assigned units on 1 account. If there is more units than 9 registered, excessive units will be automatically deleted.

If you decide to order a paid service, we are pleased to offer you following recommendations:

  • We recommend you to select the SuperVisor Pack. Mainly in a case, when your units require the most sensitive approach (cooling of technologies, labs, special projects). You can also use this pack to record and monitor the room temperature ( sensitive spaces, claiming clients etc)
  • If not necessary to pay extra for undesired advantages, please, select Extra Package service
  • One unit can be assigned to several accounts (instead of Basic Package, where is maximum limit 3 accounts). Please note, that it is not possible to assign a specific unit to one paid and another nonpaid account. That means, assigning unit to paid account will cause, that the unit will be removed from all non-paid accounts.

Описание процедуры:

After submitting the order, you will receive a pro-forma invoice to your predefined e-mail (in 24 hours). After that, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please, don´t make a decision at the last minute. Consider, that there is necessary to calculate with delays during bank transfer, especially in some countries abroad.
  2. Please, do not round off the amounts for payment. Pay exactly the amount that is specified in the payment document.
  3. In case of foreign payment, the sender pays all transaction fees, not the receiver. At the payment option, please select type of fee “OUR”. Otherwise, the duration of service will be reduced by a proportion of the difference between the requested and received payment.


  • Все цены без НДС
  • НДС (Словакия) составляет 20%
  • When services are sold to a company across a border within the area of EU, it is possible to register the transaction as an inter-company sale with no VAT being collected. Therefore, EU companies with registered VAT (with exception of companies inside Slovak Republic) will be charged free of VAT
  • EU sellers may validate the VAT number of a buyer residing within the EU Value Added Tax Area using VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). If registered VAT number will detected by VIES check as incorrect, order will be charged with VAT.
  • Paypal will create PROFORMA INVOICE for you. After receiving money to our Paypal account or our bank account, the INVOICE will be created and sent to your e-mail and to your post address, if you have requested it (Send printed invoice by mail).


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